Devyn Waitt
b.1986. Artist, lives and works in Tampa, FL.


Devyn is an artist and researcher who creates speculative narratives about the ethical and moral implications of impending technological advances. Her work focuses on the qualitative elements of futurism and is marked by a lyrical femininity. A graduate of the school of Motion Picture, Television and Recording Arts at Florida State University, she wrote and directed her first feature film, Not Waving But Drowning, in 2013. Her evocative work has spanned the mediums of film, object design, music video and virtual reality. She has an upcoming film commissioned by Borscht Corp. in Miami and is continuing development on the science prediction series, The Beautiful Future.

Research Interests:

Perception, Cognition, Natural Computing, Neural Networks, Privacy, Virtual/Augmented reality


2016 The People In the Aquifer, ecological horror short film, curated by Borscht Corp, Miami.
2016 Your Stance, social network designed for political discussion.
2015 Dream House, critical design virtual reality platform.
2015 Talking It Up With Friends in The Morning, comedic television series.
2014 The Beautiful Future, science prediction limited series (ongoing).
2013 Challenger, The World is Too Much For Me, LP and visual series, including music videos, album art and live performance visual design.
2013 Not Waving But Drowning + The Most Girl Part of You, independent feature films and short, released on Netflix, iTunes and Amazon, screened at film festivals worldwide.
2008 Marisa, feature film script based on the life story of Dr. Carl Von Cosel.


2015 Interview, Jacques Fresco and Roxanne Meadows, The Venus Project
2015 Interview, Jon Perry, Review the Future Podcast
2014 Interview, Dr. Stephen Badylak, The McGowan Institute for Regenerative Medicine
2014 Stanford Online, Surveillance Law Course
2014 Interview, Justin Shovelain, Machine Intelligence Research Institute


2013 Sarasota Film Festival, Sarasota, FL
2013 Atlanta Film Festival
2013 Champs Elysees Film Festival, Paris
2013 Napa Valley Film Festival, Napa Valley, CA
2013 Bordeaux Film Festival, France
2013 Gasparilla Film Festival, St. Petersburg, FL
2013 Black Knights Film Festival, Estonia
2013 BUFF International Film Festival, Copenhagen
2013 Ashland Film Festival, Oregon
2012 Key West Film Festival

Honors and Awards:

2016 La Croix and Borscht Corp, No Bro Zone, Female Filmmaker Initiative
2015 Invitation to River Ventures Virtual Reality Accelerator
2013 Top Jury Prize, US in Progress Film Festival, Wroclaw, Poland
2012 Gotham In Progress, Grand Prize Winner
2013 Best Cinematography, Napa Valley Film Festival, US
2008 Audience Choice Award, Florida State University, Motion Picture Arts


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No Film School, “'Not Waving…’ and Its Unique Distribution Philosophy,” September 2013
Indiewire Exclusive, August 2013
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Artist in Residence, Napa Valley Film Festival, November 2012
Consequence of Sound, Stream “The World is Too Much For Me,” November 2012
The Washingtonian, QnA with Director of “Not Waving But Drowning,” September 2012
SFF: Interview w/ Devyn Waitt of Not Waving But Drowning, Festival Genius, April, 2012


2007 Bachelor of Fine Arts in Motion Picture, Television and Recording Arts, Florida State University
- Studied feature screenwriting at the graduate level with Victor Nuñez